Our greatest wrestler-turned-actor visited SmackDown's closing night

“While writing [Duke Cody, Bautista MRA/NRA influencer at Glass Onion], I envisioned a scrawny guy looking to overcompensate. 

While raising Bautista, I immediately fell in love with the idea.

“I think someone like [Paul Thomas Anderson] will cast him in a real role and he'll look like a genius. 

As someone, Bautista definitely leans in immediately when you meet him, and that's what got me excited. 

This is a guy who has the physical attributes of someone who could play big

to say that Johnson is right. Dwayne Johnson is a bigger superstar, and John Cena could still learn as much as his former OVW classmate

on the subject of dramatic chops (Cena gave us more pathos in one season of Peacemaker

However, Bautista has generally had the sensibility the Knives Out author talks about

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