'Yellowstone' Actor Josh Lucas On 'Sweet Domestic Alabama' Sequel Timing: 'I'll Be There The Next Day'

Josh Lucas needs a "sweet home Alabama" sequel as much as the fans.

The "Yellowstone" actor recently found out that he is more than willing to film a sequel to the popular 2002 film

which also starred Reese Witherspoon. While he avoided blaming Witherspoon for putting off making a sequel,

he did say that he's been pushing her to do a sequel for a while.

"I'd really like to. I campaigned for her. I'm not going to say she's the problem anymore

but I guess part of it is that Reese is so busy," he told Entertainment Tonight

Carving out that part of her existence isn't as easy for her.

 don't have the same responsibilities or time constraints, so I hope she can find a time to do it. I'll be there after today."

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