Youth World MVP: Full List of Past Winners for Match Most Valuable Participant

Juniors Stadium gives up-and-coming NHL players the opportunity to shine on the world level. While there may be sensational

individual performances from some of the players, the most useful one may be crowned tournament MVP.

In the 2022 match, respect went to Canadian Mason McTavish. The Geese prospect not only led the game in scoring, 

His most memorable moment of his came in overtime of the gold medal game when he slid the % away from the goal line 

Besides McTavish, there have been quite a few NHL stars who have won World Juniors MVP in the past, including Trevor Zegras

The MVP of the event has consistently passed to a member of one of the 3 teams that medaled, either gold, silver or bronze.

The award differs from the world Juniors Management awards, where 3 are awarded: Outstanding Forward

It's very possible to win a Director's Award and MVP, but that's not always the case. For example, in 2021, Zegras earned MVP honors

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