'Y&R's Lauralee Bell Anticipates Danny And Cricket Reunion: 'Is The Pain Too Much?'


Christmas is over, but the young and stressed still have a gift to share with longtime fans of the screen. 


Don't miss these days episode where Christine Williams (Lauralee Bell) has some flashbacks to her past existence of her as "Cricket" Blair


as she's paired with Michael Damian's rock star Danny Romalotti.


As most cleaning soap enthusiasts know, flashbacks involving a character now not on the canvas are almost always a prelude to an on-screen reunion


so keep an eye out for confrontations between Chris and Danny afterwards. of the Show. 


New Year. "When I heard that Michael was coming back, he was very excited," Bell tells TV Insider. 


 "Chris and [her husband of hers] Paul [Williams, played by Doug Davidson] are very strong in terms of their relationship


The flashbacks will serve as a reminder of how strong Danny and Chris (he still calls her "Cricket") were and can be.


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