Power Drill Buying Tips

black-decker-bdcdmt1206kitc-matrix-kitWhen it comes to any power tools, power drill included, safety should be at the top of your priority list.

The first safety consideration that comes to mind is what their margin of safety is? How many accidents have occurred with the specific power tool model? What kinds of safety features does the power tool have?

Although many power drills on the market have basic safety features, keep in mind that some provide the bare minimum required by law. In contrast, others go above and beyond to assure their customers’ safety while using them.

Power drills are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. The tools have been created in various ways by different manufacturers, but they all follow the same engineering design principles.

The manufacturer’s specifications may usually be used to determine a power drill’s capacity. For example, the 1/4″ unit is rated at 2.7 amps and can make 1/2″ holes in hardwood and 1/4″ holes in steel. In addition, it has a speed range of 0-2000 rpm.

The drill’s power increases with size, but its top speed declines typically. For example, the 3/8″ drill is rated at 3.2 amps and can drill 3/4″ holes in hardwood and 3/8″ holes in steel. It has a speed range of 0-1200 rpm.

You can drill 1/2″ holes in steel and 1″ holes in hardwood with a 1/2″ tool. This drill has a 4.5 amp rating and a speed range of 0-850 RPM. In steel, the drill’s size indicates the total size of the hole you should use for it. In hardwood, that size doubles.


When buying a power drill, you should follow standard specifications for size, speed, and performance. And whatever power drill that you select should be suitable for your needs.

This Black & Decker, power drill kit is designed with top-of-the-line capabilities for self-medium to large-scale projects. Depending on what you want to do with it. It’s a great package for do-it-yourselfers.

A customized BLACK+DECKER power drill and other tools package is shown below, which is appropriate for various jobs. This kit is good, and the tools supplied have a distinctive style that helps it stand out.

This unit has a good grip, requires less storage space, and is less cluttered. Drill, sander, jigsaw, oscillating tool, router, and impact driver attachments are included in the BLACK+DECKER BDCDMT1206KITC Matrix 6 Tool Combo Kit with Case. A matrix quick connects system enables quick and easy attachment changes.

The strong 20V Max motor delivers the performance required for DIY projects. In addition, the lithium-ion battery is constantly ready to use and can last up to 18 months on a single charge.

It comes in a stylish case with a clear lid and cutting elements. Attachments to the power unit can be quickly attached.

For each attachment, an interlock mechanism guarantees that the trigger only functions in the appropriate direction. In addition, each attachment comes with its own user manual.

This package may not be appropriate for professionals, but it is ideal for DIY projects. As a result, this set should not be compared to standalone power tools with a single power unit.

More Information on Power Drill

It is the tool for you if you’re finicky about power tools. The small interchangeable tool is far superior to most low-cost no-name tools. Moreover, it’s the most practical thing. Sure, it’s not powerful enough for commercial use, but it’s the greatest option for use at home, or in this case, in your car.

It takes up very little space, and it’s all neatly organized in one case. Moreover, unlike other brands, tool heads are elementary to replace.

The battery life is adequate, but if you plan on using the tool frequently, you may want to invest in a couple of 2.5Ah battery packs. If you use the tool for various tasks, it will most likely consume a lot of power.

It’s difficult for me to think of anything negative to say about this tool kit. It’s merely a well-thought-out collection of tools.

Additional powerheads, such as a circular saw and a tire inflator, are available. The 3 1/2″ circular saw can be useful around the house or for a DIY project at times. You can typically complete small work with either the jigsaw attachment or the oscillating head saw.

For the occasional user, this is a wonderfully flexible power tool package. It contains nearly everything you’ll need to complete minor repairs and projects around the house.

You might wish to look into the Matrix system’s supplementary accessories. The air inflator, for example, makes inflating car tires extremely simple and convenient.

Do you have a lawnmower or other such tool? The 20V system will benefit a lawn trimmer, extending the device’s usability because it uses the same battery.

It’s like having a Swiss army knife of power tools, and the ability to expand to other 20V gear in the Black and Decker brand adds to the system’s value.

Power Drill Tool Buying Advice

These power drill features should influence your buying decisions.

1. A good feature is speed control that you can adjust.

It is usually a little knob built into the trigger that you may turn in or out to provide a preset speed. As a result, you may perform various related tasks that require a specific rpm without relying on finger control.

The button speed control feature, which is available on drills of all sizes, eliminates the need for a single speed and increases the versatility of any drill.

Starting at a lower speed and progressively increasing the rpm until the cutter is working without strain is an excellent practice.

2. The way a tool feels in your hand can influence your decision.

For example, some handles are positioned in the middle, while others have a handgun grip.

In addition, heavy-duty drills and certain lighter ones may include an auxiliary handle that may be connected to the drill’s body on either side and sometimes on top.

For challenging drilling projects, this extra hold point comes in helpful.

3. Make sure the power drill is double insulated.

Double insulation makes sense since it adds another layer of protection against an electric shock.

4. A reversing switch is essential since it allows you to loosen and drive fasteners like screws.

When you change the direction of rotation, you can operate more efficiently with attachments like sanding drums, wire brushes, and buffing wheels. And this will typically extend the life of these attachments.

5. It’s also crucial to consider the weight of your power drill.

When operating at a height, you don’t want a tool that is too heavy.

6. Another critical factor to consider is whether you’ll need corded or cordless power tools, depending on where you’ll be using them.

Choosing a Power Drill for Business

Are you a business that uses power tools to complete long-term and short-term projects? In your case, you’ll make an effort to keep up with the latest developments in power tool technology.

The quality of a power tool is essential. Keeping up with professional organizations is an excellent way to keep informed, and subscribing to your favorite brand’s newsletter is another method to compare and contrast power tools.

Although a 1/4″ drill is a common first choice, it is not always the ideal one. This drill’s power may be insufficient for some fairly heavy tasks, such as using large hole saws or drilling in concrete.

Because it’s heftier but can also accomplish much of the lighter job often done with a smaller tool, a 3/8″ unit with variable speeds would be the ideal first pick.

Checking internet reviews from other customers is a fantastic approach to compare the quality of a specific type of power tool. These reviews are completely free to read and extremely objective. Consumer reports, for example, is a publication that publishes comparisons.

However, you will almost certainly need to pay a subscription fee to access this information; their monthly magazine includes product features for various items. In addition, you can locate articles and reviews on power tools by searching their archives online.

Final Word

Finally, but certainly not least, we have just scratched the surface on power drill/tools buying tips. There’s more to add, but at the end of the day, it boils down to the buyer using their own discretion in addition to what has been said here.

It’s like taking a toddler into a candy store when you step into a power tool store. Follow these tips to get the most out of the power drill you buy.

Don’t be misled by a power tool’s brand name or appearance. Instead, take the time to learn everything there is to know about it. Because power drills aren’t that expensive, you might consider buying a few if your workload warrants it.

Finally, and this is a bit of a personal preference, weight is an important factor to consider and should be assessed in light of the tool’s intended function.

For example, a power drill with more capacity will be heavier than one with less capacity. Assuming that all critical factors among various power tools are comparable, it’s not unreasonable to decide based on how the unit feels in your hands.